The Psychology Behind Your Whattamug!

You shouldn't believe everything you read!

But first a word of caution!

"Research has shown this"
"A new study has proven that"
"New breakthrough confirmed" seems like these days we can get science to prove just about anything. As someone who has a BSc and an MSc in psychology I know that for every study you read that says one thing, there are at least two others showing the exact opposite!

Instead, I can only tell you what has worked for me and I invite you to make up your own mind and try it for yourself. 

So how can a whattamug! help you achieve your goal?

1. It reminds you of your goal
Don't underestimate the importance of actually remembering your goal! Often we sit down and decide what it is we want to work on. This happens just once, and unless there is a regular process for reviewing this goal afterwards, it can be surprisingly easy to forget exactly what we set out to do!

Merely having your goal printed onto something you see and use every day is a helpful signpost and reminder to what you said you were going to achieve.

2. It increases your commitment to your goal
whattamug! leverages the power the power of the public commitment. When your goal is printed on the mug and you use it at home or work, or post a pic on social media you are saying...

"Hey everyone! This is something that is really important to me that I want to achieve" 

You turn your deepest desires from invisible to visible and when you do this, when you go on record and put some skin in the game, you cannot hide. Your ego does not want you to fail in public so you take massive action! You are accountable for your success in a way that doesn't work if all you do is think about your goals or write them down in a journal.

3. It can trigger you to take action
whattamug! helps you to hack your regular coffee break routine by building in an extra healthy habit. The act of making a drink reminds you of your goal which can be helpful  in today's distracting society! But it can also trigger you to perform a new behaviour in line with your goal.

The behaviour should be small and easy to perform taking no longer than 1 minute to do. It would be naive to think that you could achieve your goal just from this tiny behaviour. Instead this tiny behaviour reinforces your commitment to your goal and it starts to change your identity. Over time you start to become that person who will achieve their goal because of what you are doing. 

Aristotle said it best, "we are what we do repeatedly, excellence is therefore not an act but a habit".

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